How to Tell People They Sound Racist

Jay Smooth over at (a hip-hop video blog) recently did an awesome three minute video on “How to Tell People They Sound Racist.”

He starts:

“It seems like everybody everywhere is talking about race right now. And when everybody everywhere is talking about race, that means sooner or later you’re gonna have to tell somebody that they said something that sounded racist. So you need to be ready and have a plan in place….”

“The most important thing that you’ve got to do is remember the difference between the what they did conversation and the what they are conversation. ”

Jay Smooth goes on to explain the difference between the two types of conversations and the importance of focusing on the former (what they did and said) versus the latter (making assumptions about their motivations and who they are because of what they did and said), as well as not allowing the perpetrators to derail your argument by focusing on who they are, rather than holding them accountable for what they said or did.

At the end, he says “….focus on the part that matters: holding each person accountable for the impact of their words and actions. I don’t care what you are; I care about what you did.”

It’s an amazing and effective video in only 3 minutes. Be sure to check it out, and share it with friends, family, co-workers, and everyone.

~ Marsha