MOGOing Around Portland: The Portland Fruit Tree Project

Part of choosing MOGO (Most Good) means reducing waste, eating locally-produced foods when possible, eating healthfully, and building community, so I was excited to discover a group here in Portland called the Portland Fruit Tree Project. The group’s mission is to:

“…increase equal access to fresh, healthy food and foster stronger communities by empowering neighbors to share in the bounty and care of urban fruit and nut trees. We strive to increase community knowledge-sharing and self-sufficiency through education in food preservation and fruit tree cultivation.”

People around Portland who have fruit or nut trees they’d like to share with others can register their trees and then, when the time is ripe, host a harvesting party. Volunteers harvest the goodies and get a share (the other share goes to people in need). People can also register their trees as “open harvest,” which means that volunteers can harvest from the trees during a certain time period and following certain criteria.

The organization also hosts workshops on topics such as food canning and preservation and tree care.

If you’re interested in getting involved this fall, there’s a Harvesting Party in North Portland this Saturday, October 25.

If you know of other organizations in the Northwest doing MOGO things, be sure to let us know.

~ Marsha

Photo courtesy of Portland Fruit Tree Project.


Get Smart About Biking in Portland

Portland has become one of the biking meccas of the U.S., and as the economy continues to plunge its way to the bottom, and as more people choose to take positive action regarding their impact on the planet, even more people are getting into biking. But, if you’re a biking newbie (like I am), then placing yourself on a little bike frame amidst tons of fast-moving metal can seem like an invitation for death or dismemberment. Veteran bikers know that biking can be extremely safe, fun, healthy and planet-friendly, which is why the two cyclists who founded BikeSmart Portland here in the Rose City have started offering classes. According to founders Jim Anderson and Russell Cree, their goal is for riders to “have the confidence, skills and knowledge to head out on the road. Our mission is to help people learn to ride bicycles safely and develop skills to ride with confidence and strength using logical classroom presentation and practical skill instruction.”

Their first class, Road Cycling 101, is an intro class that covers all the basics, from equipment, etiquette and performance, to safe biking, riding in groups, and avoiding common mistakes. Road Cycling 201 and Mountain Biking 101classes are in the works.

According to BikeSmart’s website, classes take place at Therapeutic Associates, Inc., 4829 Martin Luther King Blvd., Suite 101 (between NE Alberta and NE Wygant on NE MLK Boulevard). Pre-registration is required and the 90 minute classes cost $15.00.

Find out more.

~ Marsha

Thanks, Treehugger, for the tip.

Image courtesy of BikeSmart.