WebSpotlight: We’ve Got Time to Help

People are dealing with the economic downturn in a lot of ways. Some people who’ve been laid off are sitting at home playing video games on the computer much of every day, and others are making use of their free time and skills to help others. I recently found out about a group here in Portland (but I’ll bet there are others out there) called We’ve Got Time to Help. The group (as they say, “not affiliated with any group other than humanity”) is made up of doctors, roofers and others who are (mostly) unemployed and have extra time on their hands — which they’re using to identify and help people in need in the Portland metro community. Their blog serves as a waystation for posting about projects that need volunteers and tracking progress.  Some of their projects have included helping a family with plumbing and electrical repairs, moving furniture for a non-profit, building a fence, helping with a community garden, and helping a closing business clear out of their building.

If you’re looking for a way to help your community while making your heart sing, check them out.

There are plenty of people and organizations that need volunteer help. You can also look for opportunities at websites such as Volunteer Match, the HandsOn Network, and Idealist.

~ Marsha