Blog Action Day Spotlights Poverty

Today was Blog Action Day, a campaign to encourage bloggers around the world to focus on a single issue in order to bring awareness, inspire action and encourage people to make a positive difference. This year’s focus was on poverty.

It’s estimated that more than 12,000 bloggers participated, reaching an estimated audience of more than 13 million. Bloggers focused on everything from imagery, to personal actions, to “top 10” lists, to whether the web can stop poverty to the connections to food, politics, health, environment and so on. I did a post for IHE’s Humane Connection blog, highlighting games (mostly online ones) that help youth role play about what someone in poverty might experience.

In their Blog Action Day post, Treehugger focused on four changemakers and their views about how to end poverty: Wangari Maathai, Bill Clinton, Van Jones, and Paul Hawken.

If the posts your peruse from BAD inspire you, then consider this list of 88 Ways to Take Action Against Poverty Right Now and see which one(s) you’re ready to try.

With as much power as we have to make a positive difference, there’s no excuse for people to live (and die) in poverty. Let us know how you take positive action to help end poverty.

~ Marsha