Celebrate Spring: Connect With the Natural World

Whenever I step into a forest, it’s as if my body and soul give a sigh – as if they know that I’ve come back to who and where I’m supposed to be. The sound of flowing water – especially that of a waterfall – flows through every molecule in me, calming and soothing. Whenever I’m on a hike, I always take a moment to put my hands on a big tree and thank it for being, and to send some of my energy to the tree. I swear that sometimes I can feel it sending energy back. And, there’s almost nothing that gives me a bigger thrill than watching animals in the wild going about their lives…completely oblivious to us and our baggage.

I have grown deeply attached to the natural world. I didn’t used to feel this way. I grew up in a dry, desolate part of the Midwest, where nature is often something to be overcome, dispatched and/or used. But over the years I have developed a deep reverence and respect for (almost) all aspects of the natural world, and I am grateful for the connection I now have. It helps keep me grounded, sane, and aware of the impact of my choices.

What we love, we tend to protect with all our might. Our reverence inspires our sense of responsibility. Today is the first day of Spring, and thus a terrific day for connecting with the natural world. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, find time to go outdoors to a natural area nearby and simply observe the plants and animals; notice the natural world through all your senses. Try to make a commitment to do so every day.

~ Marsha