Are You Good? Are You Happy? 5 Online Tests Can Help You Tell

Are you good? Are you happy? How do you know? How good or happy are you compared to others? The daily choices we make can tell a lot about our values, intentions, and attitude, but sometimes people want more quantitative, “scientific” data. If you’re a fan of online quizzes, are curious about how your “goodness” might be perceived by others, and want to help contribute data for several ongoing studies, check out a recent blog post from Jason Marsh of Greater Good Magazine. He recently shared several “scientific tests” that measure a variety of factors on the “goodness” scale.

Marsh’s tests cover several areas, including:

  • How moral are you?
  • How prejudiced?
  • How empathic?
  • How socially intelligent?
  • How compassionate?

The tests only provide indications and generalizations, but they’re still fun (most take no more than a few minutes to complete) and informative.