Must See TV for MOGOers

As a former TV addict and now proud TV-free household member, there’s not much on the telly anymore that could hold my attention, or that I’d consider worth watching. However, I do hear about the occasional show that I wish I could tune into. If you have cable television, here’s some MOGO-friendly programming you might want to check out:

4Real, which airs on CW (in the U.S. – and other channels around the world), is a series that takes celebrity guests around the world to connect with youth who are making a positive difference in their communities. In the first season, episodes included Joaquin Phoenix learning about the Yawanawa tribe of the Amazon; Casey Affleck traveling to a Pawnee reservation where Native youth are empowered through hip hop and art; Cameron Diaz traveling to Peru to meet a special medicine man; and Flea (of Red Hot Chili Peppers) learning about a project to provide medical care and health education in Haiti. You can see episode trailers, and connect with the 4Real community online.

Animal Planet is hosting the controversial and action-packed Whale Wars, a 7-episode series featuring activist Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd crew, as they try to protect whales from being killed by Japanese whalers. Watson and the Sea Shepherd crew are well-known for using aggressive tactics to try to stop what some deem illegal whaling operations.

Billing itself as the “first and only 24-hour eco-lifestyle television network,” Planet Green is an eco-lite channel that offers shows mostly on building and living green, with, of course, the ever-present celebrity-focused shows, as well as reality tv-type formats (such as Wa$ted, in which 10 households are put through a “green boot camp” for cash prizes). Most of the shows don’t appeal to me, but since I’m originally from Kansas, the show Greensburg: A Story of a Community Rebuilding intrigues me. The programming on this channel isn’t world-changing stuff, but it has the potential to inspire others to take small steps toward a more humane world.

The Sundance Channel offers The Green, a “programming destination devoted entirely to the environment.” The Green offers several mini-series on green issues (some of which are available for viewing online), as well as mini-videos, podcasts, documentaries and more. The Sundance Channel also offers The Good Fight, a series focused on environmental justice. The series offers interviews and information, either in webisodes or interview formats. Topics include Wangari Maathai’s work in the Greenbelt Movement, how environmental issues impact different communities, green jobs and economy, food security and justice, and energy independence. Sundance has a new series coming soon called Eco-Trip, which will offer a “thorough investigation of all the work that goes into making, shipping, selling and finally, using a product.”

Even if you’re like me and don’t own a television, there are usually some good tidbits on the companion websites, from clips of the shows to forums to articles and other goodies.

If you know of some Must See TV for MOGOers, be sure to share in the comments!

~ Marsha