Selected titles that can keep you educated and updated about humane living issues.


A network of media activists working to “forge a shift in the way we live…by challenging the way information flows, institutions wield power, and multinational companies set their agendas.”

The Atlantic

A multi-issue, well-researched magazine with thought-provoking articles.

Earth Island Journal

The publication of the Earth Island Institute, this journal is full of actions, campaigns, and ways to get involved.

E Magazine

A great environmental magazine that makes connections between the environment, people, and animals.


Explores the connections among a variety of environmental issues. A UK publication.

Greater Good Magazine

A quarterly magazine that explores scientific research about issues of compassion, peace, altruism, etc., and offers “inspiring stories of compassion in action.” A publication of the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley.

Mother Jones

Investigative journalism on a variety of social justice issues.

New Internationalist

A cooperatively run, international magazine campaigning for global justice.


“For intelligent optimists,” Ode covers a variety of social and environmental justice issues, and the people who are making a positive difference.


Essays, articles & more on a variety of cultural, environmental and spiritual topics.


Environmental news, commentary and green living tips.

The Sun

Inspiring and instructive essays, interviews, fiction, and poetry.


A top publication for those interested in a vegetarian diet and animal-friendly lifestyle.


The publication of the WorldWatch Institute, and a great magazine for environmental and sustainability information.

Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures

A terrific quarterly journal focused on helping build a “just and sustainable world.”

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