Oprah’s On! (A 21-Day Vegan Cleanse)

BlueberriesIt’s becoming a growing celeb trend to try a vegan lifestyle, but when Natalie Portman or Clint Eastwood announce they’re walking the vegan talk, hoards of folks do not follow suit. But. Recently, Oprah announced that she’s starting a 21-day cleanse that includes adopting a diet free of caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten and animal products. And, whenever Oprah reads or tries something, a whole lotta people pay attention.

Part of the impetus for the cleanse is to help her spiritually evolve. In her first blog post, Oprah mentions Quantum Wellness author Kathy Freston talking about being a “conscious eater.” Oprah says:

“She speaks of “spiritual integrity.” How can you say you’re trying to spiritually evolve, without even a thought about what happens to the animals whose lives are sacrificed in the name of gluttony? So this 21-day cleanse gives me a chance to think about it differently and see what my attachments are to certain kinds of foods—and what I’m willing to do to change.”

On Oprah’s blog you can follow along her journey, see sample recipes and menus, share your story or join an online discussion.

How exciting that such a renowned figure worldwide is publicly trying a healthy and humane diet!

~ Marsha

(Thanks to Vegan.com for the heads up about Oprah’s challenge.)