Oregon Action Alert: Contact Your Senator to Help Address the Puppy Mill Problem


The Humane Society of the United States just sent me an email mentioning that the Oregon House has passed H.B. 2470 to help stop puppy mills in Oregon, and the bill has now gone to the Oregon senate.

The bill would limit breeders to no more than 50 “sexually intact dogs 2 years or older,” would require minimum care standards, and would require retail pet stores to provide information about a puppy’s medical and breeding history. Here’s the text of the bill in full.

Here’s information about puppy mills from:

If you’d like to take positive action to help address the puppy mill problem in Oregon, you can call and/or email your state senator and ask them to support H.B. 2470.

~ Marsha


MOGOing Around Portland: Get a Yummy Vegan Meal and Help the Animals

If you live in the Portland, Oregon, area, and you’re looking for a way to fill your tummy with tasty goodness AND help animals, check out Apron Activists.  Started by vegan food guru Isa Chandra Moskowitz (author of Veganomicon, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and other delectable cookbooks) and Herbivore Clothing Company co-founder Michelle Schweggmann, Apron Activists host occasional dinners to raise funds for organizations that help animals. The next dinner is Friday, December 12 at Sweetpea Bakery (1205 SE Stark). Doors open at 7:30 pm and dinner begins at 8 pm. The menu is a Jamaican theme:

Plantain Rice Paper Rolls
Rice noodles, sweet plantains and toasted pumpkin seeds in a fresh rice paper roll with chili dipping sauce

Jamaican Curry With Roti Bread
Sweet potatoes, kidney beans and baby limas in a rich Jamaican spiced coconut curry served with flat bread for dipping

Jerk Tofu And Yucca
Marinated and grilled jerk tofu a green beans served over mashed yucca and topped with a fresh mango salsa

Pumpkin Rum Bread Pudding
A lush and spicy pumpkin bread pudding spiked with rum, served warm with vanilla ice cream

Ginger Tea will be served. Please bring your own beer and wine.

Tickets are on a sliding scale, from $40 – $100 each.  According to the info, “Diners who pay 60 dollars or more will also be receiving a really neat bag of holiday goodies that will include fresh baked cookies. 100% of the proceeds go to the Family Dogs shelter.”

The lucky animal organization this time is Family Dogs New Life Shelter, a no-kill dog shelter.

Find out more.

Image courtesy of Apron Activists.

The Power of One: Dogs Unchained!

Sometimes we forget how much power we as individuals have, so I wanted to share the recent success of a friend of mine with you. Connie D. works for an animal protection non-profit in the area and has been a major animal champion. When hurricane Katrina hit, she spent weeks rescuing dogs and helping them find homes. Recently, Connie took positive action for animals again. Here’s the first part of a letter she wrote:

The dogs chained to their wooden boxes.

“[There are two dogs that] live in my neighbor- hood. I drive by them every day on my way to work and on my way home. These 2 dogs are living a miserable life on the end of a chain. They are chained 90% of the time. They are tied up far away from their guardian’s house…and they cannot even reach each other when chained. They are chained up by a covered wire that is only about 5′ long. Their dog houses are made of plywood and have no bedding in them. I have no choice but to drive by these 2 dogs because they are on the route to town from my house. It literally breaks my heart every single day. I have sent letters and brochures on the cruelties of chaining dogs to the guardian with no response. I have offered to take the dogs for a walk on the weekends but again, no response. I have offered to find the dogs a new home but the guardian has refused.”

Connie persisted and was able to get the guardian to agree to allow a chain link fence to be erected on his property. Connie got people to donate money for the cost of the fence, and she, her husband, and the guardian built the fence together. Now she says,

The dogs enjoying their new roomy yard.

“…when I drive by them every morning and evening and see them together in their enclosure, it does my heart good. AND, the guardian tells me that they’re even sleeping together now! Isn’t that sweet!!!??? This whole process just makes me realize that we can never give up helping the animals. No matter how large the task may seem, we just need to keep trying. Anything is possible!”

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we’re motivated! Congratulations, Connie!

There are other dogs out there who would love to be unchained. To find out more, check out Unchain Your Dog and Dogs Deserve Better.

Look around at your life and consider where you can enact the power of one!

~ Marsha

Plant’s Best Friend: Dogs May Help Save Endangered Species

People love dogs for all sorts of reasons. Here’s another one: dogs can be trained to sniff out endangered plants, which can help save endangered species and habitat.

The Nature Conservancy of Oregon recently posted about an experiment, in which dogs are being trained to use their keen noses to track down the threatened Kincaid’s lupine, which is a plant loved by the endangered Fender’s blue butterfly.

The Nature Conservancy teamed up with a couple of other organizations to see just how effective dogs could be at finding target plant species.

They discovered that, not only are the dogs extremely accurate (making only 6 errors in 364 plots), but that dogs can cover the terrain more quickly and easily, and can sniff out plants for a longer part of the year.

The team is looking at how else dogs might be able to help, such as finding other native or invasive species.

While such a project doesn’t take into account the issue of whether or not using dogs in such circumstances is exploitative or oppressive (personally, I don’t know; it’s a complex issue), it’s yet another reason to love and appreciate animals and respect their abilities.

~ Marsha

(Thanks to Planetsave for the heads up.)

Photo of Rogue © Jen Newlin Bell/TNC